14 07 2009


what would you do for lets say$20 bill? find out this week.

“hooked” is coming this thursday 7pm @ “embrace community”

the power of temptation… what it is… how it works… how to avoid…

it happens to everyone…. but how does it happen to me?


Real world

3 05 2009

“Real World” a special event coming to embrace community may 28th 7pm!

A real world presents real probelms in need of real solutions!

This is going to be a fun event to kick off the summer! Pass the word!

Special acting surprises will be present!! Get ready!

Calvary college days!

18 10 2008

tonight was a great night.. long day just got home from a night at Embry Riddle University!

we (my church Calvary Christian Center) had a great time getting to be apart of Christian Fellowship Club’s 30th year anniversary bash!

 Hype did some dancing, Pastor Mark and the praize generation band did some incredible worship, and I got the privilege to speak! 

it was so great seeing the response at the end of  service.. sometimes your not sure if your hitting home with the students, wondering … and then to see all the students that raise their hands to engage in a closer relationship with God, and all the students that needed prayer… after all this it was so worth it!

man i love helping people! its my passion! its so incredible and such a privilege to be used all over the community to touch the young adult generation! 

I love seeing Calvary all over the place touching lives! God has truly blessed us! 

special thanks for your time and heart… Pastor Mark, Barbra, Leanna, Stacey, Courtney, Jon, Matt, Tim, Marvin and the hype crew!


4 10 2008

last night was incredible… “desperation 2008” a new event that our Pastor Jim Raley called for all highschoolers, college students, and young adults! simply a night to come together and get desperate for a move of God! AMAZING is the only word that can describe this night, to see our young adults at embrace come out so hungry for God was such a blessing to my wife and I!  young adults on the floor, jumping, crying, laughing, praying!! and when it was all over our pastor said this…


your young adults, or if your a youth person, your kids.. whoever your over spiritually.. how they are, what they accomplish, and how they experience God is your legacy.. when you leave them what have you left them with..

in life we all have a legacy, its what you leave people with when your gone… how are you impacting the future of the people you influence?!!

what could happen if..

15 09 2008

Ephesians 6:13 keep standing

what would happen if.. David would have gotten offended about not being chosen first…

what would happen if… Ruth had turned back … 

what would happen if… peter would have quit after denying Jesus… 

what would happen if… Moses would have believed his excuses more than God’s promises

what would happen if… Elisha would have gotten to tired of following Elijah…


so many what if’s.. i was thinking tonight about so many people in the bible and their what if’s.. and i began to think about my what if’s..

what if i quit.. who do i hurt

what if i listen more.. who can i help

what if i love more.. who can i relate to more

what if i worship more.. how intimate could i be?

just an encouragement guys.. but the biggest what if has to be.. what if you never quit… what could God use you for! regardless of your circumstance quitting cannot be an option. There are other people tied to you not quitting. people counting on you fighting through your circumstance..