8 09 2009


a  brand new series @ “embrace community” join us this Thursday @ 7pm

We have been talking about how determined, resilient, and uncontrollable weeds are… those jokers pop up everywhere!! no matter what you do to weeds THEY NEVER STOP GROWING!!! or at least in my flower bed….

 we should be that way in our faith.. we need to grow and grow and grow and don’t allow anything to stop us from growing.

growth is a key to success.. don’t give up.. keep learning, growing, be driven to grow!

our series finale… “growth and destruction” Thursday sept. 10th 7pm

visit calvaryfl.com for directions or email: embrace@calvaryfl.com


tis the season part 1

6 12 2008

Christmas season is now in full effect. People consumed with shopping, eating, parties and egg nog! 

“embrace community” just had our annual Christmas service Thursday night! it was amazing, I am so thankful for God and all the people he has placed around this ministry that give of themselves unselfishly.  All the behind the scenes people is what helps make nights like these possible! thank you so much!

taking a survey of the room, and I realize something.. you never know who in the room this will  be their only Christmas party, we are their only family, this night might be someones only gift for Christmas. That’s why this night had to be so important, from the worship, to the teaching, to the game show, to the special artist we had. Everything had to flow and thank God this night was so special for everyone!

My prayer in this season for our young adults and my own home is this.


1. make us pure of heart like Mary so that we can accomplish something we are virgins to

2. help us resist fear like Joseph so that we are not burdened down trying to please man

3. give us discerning ears as the wise men so that we are not manipulated in anyway

stay tuned for more on these three request

embrace christmas

3 12 2008


embrace community is having its 2nd annual Christmas bash!

2 guest worship groups and 1 solo artist from the local area, shopping spree giveaways, tons of food!

a totally different service for us! some worship mixed with some preaching , a game show, christmas fun, and eating!

our focus this night though is going to be on ” birth rights” and of course we all know that Jesus is the most important part of this holiday, so we will discuss together what rights that we have because of his birth! we are all entitled to alot more than we realize because of the birth of this one man! we have “birth rights”

there are alot of things in life that i have avoided thanks to my birth rights, alot of things I have been blessed with  thanks to my birth rights. and there are things we need to realize we have access to thanks to our birth rights!

cant Wait to hang out with our young adults and have a fun night! there a awesome group!

the grace effect

21 11 2008

really thankful for the grace of God providing things none of us deserve. tonight at embrace we had an incredible time in the word talking about God’s grace. and how throughout

history he has constantly been noted for giving, not out of condition, based on what we deserve, but based on love for what we need!

Ezekiel found himself in a valley, all alone.. no man to affirm him, no mans words to tell him its going to be okay, no affirmation at all.. but he had no need for man to affirm what Grace already had. God gives gifts to his children based off of his grace, and Ezekiel had a prophetic gift; grace had given him what he needed to be blessed even in the valley. (Romans: gifts are given by grace)

God allows us to be broken in valleys… his grace allows us in valleys filled with dead bones! because if his strength is found in our weakness “the grace effect” says he allows us to be in valleys so that he can demonstrate his power like we have never seen! Grace allowed you in that valley so that God could show you exactly what he is all about! and sure enough Grace had already equipped Ezekiel with what he needed for the valley…

Grace has equipped you, so be encouraged in the valley… something is coming down the pipe line… get ready

few more post on this to get all that i want out to say..

stay tuned


8 11 2008

perception_front3at embrace community we just finished our annual fall outreach event, this year it was called “perception” it was an incredible night, the most influential night we have ever experienced as a ministry! amazing atmosphere, another level worship like we have never expirenced, altars filled with weeping young adults begging for a chance with Jesus!

walk through an outdoor maze, illusion rooms, into the main gathering place and filled with so many different forms of perception…

the maze had 3 identical doors… only one lead you were you needed to go. and though we perceived the doors as the same, only one door lead us in! Such is life, so many doors of life and so many look the same.. the biggest trick of the enemy is manipulating God’s plan for your life, he cannot create a way because he is not a creator, however he perverts a way God has already created for you and in doing so he desires to change your perception just for a moment to choose his door. even though many doors in life look the same, only one door is “the way” and the only way we can perceive the correct door is through truly spending time with the creator, prayer, worship, teaching, fasting… after-all how can i know the will of the father without spending time with the father? its my desire as a pastor in this generation to spark a hunger to simply want more time with the father, if we can ignite people to desire father son or father daughter time we can save so many heartaches of wrong door choosing..

which door will you choose?


24 10 2008

a word that when placed in the same sentence with christian seems incompatible.

however it is quite the opposite… we should see these two words together more often. Matthew 11:12 the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force


violent – intense in force, severe, or extreme.

the kingdom of heaven was never meant to indulge the ease of the carnal Christian but has and is meant to be the resting place to them who labor! the book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus will not forgot our labor of love that we show to his name.. but sometimes showing love is a violent task!

yes love is kisses, hugs, and i am all about the i heart revolution but…
love is also conviction, correction, discipline… and self denial

if we dont get violent in our own self denial, and violent towards the enemy.. then 2 things will happen… you live your destiny unfulfilled.. and lost people around us die and go to hell because we refused to get a HOLY violence with the enemy!

Your salvation was a violent task… Remember the cross??
and this generation is in need of Christians that will actually fight for someone else.. and take back souls for the kingdom because everyday babies are murdered, marriages destroyed, poverty rises… enough is enough! Its my Heart that our generation of young adults get VIOLENT for the things of God! be extreme.. reach out.. deny yourself.. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and take by force.


4 10 2008

last night was incredible… “desperation 2008” a new event that our Pastor Jim Raley called for all highschoolers, college students, and young adults! simply a night to come together and get desperate for a move of God! AMAZING is the only word that can describe this night, to see our young adults at embrace come out so hungry for God was such a blessing to my wife and I!  young adults on the floor, jumping, crying, laughing, praying!! and when it was all over our pastor said this…


your young adults, or if your a youth person, your kids.. whoever your over spiritually.. how they are, what they accomplish, and how they experience God is your legacy.. when you leave them what have you left them with..

in life we all have a legacy, its what you leave people with when your gone… how are you impacting the future of the people you influence?!!