Real world part 2

29 05 2009

Real questions asked by Real young adults… Thursday June 4th @7pm come watch and see what your peers are asking!


real people have real probelms…

5 05 2009


May 28th is a event i am personally extremely excited about..

when i look throughout the young adult generation i see real people with real problems.. we can identify that there is a problem to this generation all day long but..

when a problem is identified without a real solution, the problem becomes a lifestyle and we loose the person with the problem!

3 weeks 2 days and counting… get ready….to kick off the summer “real world” at embrace community…

Real world

3 05 2009

“Real World” a special event coming to embrace community may 28th 7pm!

A real world presents real probelms in need of real solutions!

This is going to be a fun event to kick off the summer! Pass the word!

Special acting surprises will be present!! Get ready!