flooded streets

20 05 2009


This may sound a bit crazy but i guess Preachers see sermons in everything..

Its raining here in Ormond Beach non stop for 3 straight days, i looked outside during prayer and saw the puddles and mini lakes building in places were the  ground was unable to keep in and  hold the water, all the run offs, and trenches caused by too much water way too fast..

I wondered what had flooded my life to this point. What have i had so much of, that evidence of it pours out everywhere? when i leave places or people what puddles  are left behind.

I keep praying as a Leader my flood stays  positive and holy, because as leaders what your flooded with spills onto the ones you lead..



12 05 2009

Why would someone say the things they say to you? why would you have events take place in your life that you hate??

I was speaking with a young adult today, and these questions come up. and i believe its questions that this generation is asking alot of..

words spoken to you, and events that happen to you, can become catastrophic if we are not careful. but dont place too much on what man or woman has said to you, because many times what is being said to you is being allowed for a reason…

it becomes a test… will you react or respond.. its a moment of growth.. 

never expect a supernatural feeling, when you count on natural expirences…

side note.. link to new “embrace community video”


7 05 2009

its time to release…

sometimes we go through things in life …. after all its LIFE… Days, weeks, months, or even years later we hold on to memories,  guilt of past decisions, mistakes, and circumstances that had a negative impact on our life.  Or mabye a current situation that makes you nervous, like  holding onto the past because we are afraid to embrace the change of the future..

a key to survival is to release… your not suppose to carry burdens, you were not created to handle man’s opinion, you are not equipped to bare your own mistakes.. nor are you suppose to understand everything about the future

Im so thankful that on the cross Jesus gave me the ability to release what i don’t need!

Questions about trust

30 04 2009

Our first night in “questions about trust” at “embrace community” really amazing night in communicating hope and encouragement to our young adult community..

Numbers 20 shows the children of Isresl complaining about their desert no food no water and they sit in a place called Kadesh..

Kadesh means holy place or sanctuary and in the old testament holy place was always known as the place that the natural senses had nothing to stimulate them. It was always known as the place for the supernatural… But they Isreslites began to complain because it was unlike what they expected…

They stopped trusting the God that delivered them, keep fresh clothes and shoes on them, parted red sea for them etc..

But God had them in a place that he ordained Holy! Sa place he wanted to provide water for them in a supernatural way…naturally they saw nothing but God had them in a place he wanted to show himself..

Be encouraged in your Kadesh you might not like what you see in your kadesh season but before you despise your season and question your trust… Think… You might just be on ground he calls holy and you might be getting set up for a miracle….

He still deserves your trust regardless what your natural senses may tell you..

Questions about..trust

28 04 2009

Trust is something that we are born with then loose as we see events take place, or experience tragic moments.  Trust throughout life is something that we must learn. It is a quality that God gave us, yet a quality that man has attempted to strip away.  After all why would we trust someone who has let us down so much.. hurt us, manipulated us, let us down??

Man did not Give you trust do not allow man to take your trust.  i know its easier said than done, but man will always fail you and even the people you trust the most will let you down. That is why when you place your trust and confidence in God no matter what happens in life you will understand people are people and we make mistakes.

but God is still worthy of your trust he is still worthy of your confidence… you cannot allow what man has done or past circumstances has brought effect your level of trust towards God.. Let us try to put all our trust and confidence back in him once again… and i believe our view of circumstances just might change…

this is a small portion of what God has laid on my heart for the next couple Thursdays.. “Questions about Trust” this Thursday 7pm

Good times with some bbq

27 04 2009

Sunday evening we had our first end of the year ( college school year) BBQ for all of “embrace community” at our new home! Students And young professionals..

70 something people at your house and things sometimes get banannas!!! But only one hinge broke on a screen door… Not bad! Props to Tim Kettlehut our grill man working out 160 hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!!

Flag football, basketball, taboo, and something called “corn hole” kept us entertained… Yes corn hole… Chase Brooks! … Don’t ask!

We will sure miss our college students until august!

It honestly was some of the most fun I have had with the embrace community! We have some AWESOME people at embrace and we love you guys a ton!!

Tomorrow we will reflect on our year with our students..

Keep posted this summer guys and follow embrace on here and twitted/jdunn803