8 09 2009


a  brand new series @ “embrace community” join us this Thursday @ 7pm

We have been talking about how determined, resilient, and uncontrollable weeds are… those jokers pop up everywhere!! no matter what you do to weeds THEY NEVER STOP GROWING!!! or at least in my flower bed….

 we should be that way in our faith.. we need to grow and grow and grow and don’t allow anything to stop us from growing.

growth is a key to success.. don’t give up.. keep learning, growing, be driven to grow!

our series finale… “growth and destruction” Thursday sept. 10th 7pm

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14 07 2009


what would you do for lets say$20 bill? find out this week.

“hooked” is coming this thursday 7pm @ “embrace community”

the power of temptation… what it is… how it works… how to avoid…

it happens to everyone…. but how does it happen to me?

realizing your blessed…

26 06 2009

 I am having a opportunity today to sit down with a young preacher from trinity bible college. he asked me how do you study and come up with sermons! I’m thinking BRO isn’t there anyone else you can ask.. i mean of all the veterans around.. and your asking me?? I am still a rookie at this whole communicating God’s word thing!

Then we sat down and i begin to show him.. what someone showed me.. and i begin to realize how far i have come because someone cared… i enjoyed showing him what someone else showed me..

please never forget were you came from.. God has used so many people to help you along in life.. i realized today seriously i have been SOOOO blessed.. thank you to those who have helped and are helping me along the journey of life!

took some time away…

27 05 2009

past couple days i took a mini vacation with my wife to Orlando… We needed to get away and spend some time together.. man its hard to unwind in 2 1/2 days but I’m so thankful for that time that we had..

heard something while i was gone that made me think on the radio in a country song of all places… “Live your life don’t let your life live you”

Myself included we can all learn this one… there are times (im guilty) were we allow the events in our life dictate who we are instead of letting who we are dictate the events in our life..

we have the power to influence our future.. you will never have more.. go further.. or accomplish greater than your current thought life… think big.. that’s why God says you need a sound mind!


16 05 2009

Sometimes we all need some stuff weeded out of our lives in order for us to have an expirence with God.

Just like a flower bed, weeds can pop up anywere in our lives.. They are unattractive, they take over, and they can pop up unexpectedly.. But they need pulling!

Mabye your weed is doubt, fear, insecurity, sin… Whatever it is.. It can be painful but we must be weeded out before the expirence..

Gideon had the weak And ignorant weeded out in his life… 22,000 men in his army and God weeded all the way down to 300…their enemy had 135,000

Seems unfair, undermatched, underqualifed.. And probably few believed in him… But they expirenced God do a miraculous event! But only after they were weeded out!

134,000 defeated by 300 waiting on the expirence… If it takes being uncomfortable to be weeded, I’ll take it as long as I get the expirence of the miracle

real people have real probelms…

5 05 2009


May 28th is a event i am personally extremely excited about..

when i look throughout the young adult generation i see real people with real problems.. we can identify that there is a problem to this generation all day long but..

when a problem is identified without a real solution, the problem becomes a lifestyle and we loose the person with the problem!

3 weeks 2 days and counting… get ready….to kick off the summer “real world” at embrace community…

Questions about trust

30 04 2009

Our first night in “questions about trust” at “embrace community” really amazing night in communicating hope and encouragement to our young adult community..

Numbers 20 shows the children of Isresl complaining about their desert no food no water and they sit in a place called Kadesh..

Kadesh means holy place or sanctuary and in the old testament holy place was always known as the place that the natural senses had nothing to stimulate them. It was always known as the place for the supernatural… But they Isreslites began to complain because it was unlike what they expected…

They stopped trusting the God that delivered them, keep fresh clothes and shoes on them, parted red sea for them etc..

But God had them in a place that he ordained Holy! Sa place he wanted to provide water for them in a supernatural way…naturally they saw nothing but God had them in a place he wanted to show himself..

Be encouraged in your Kadesh you might not like what you see in your kadesh season but before you despise your season and question your trust… Think… You might just be on ground he calls holy and you might be getting set up for a miracle….

He still deserves your trust regardless what your natural senses may tell you..