Real world part 2

29 05 2009

Real questions asked by Real young adults… Thursday June 4th @7pm come watch and see what your peers are asking!



23 04 2009

there are so many moments of transfer in the bible..

Elijah Elisha one of my favorites..
Elijah transferred who he was and what God was to him into a young man and because of that this young man walked in greatness throughout his life.. but this transfer came with a price..

We must transfer what God has done in us.. into the ones we disciple.

But remember if you decide to mentor like Elijah there is always an Elisha watching!

Elijah tried to get elisha to leave… but Elijah stayed around!

Jesus on the cross is a example of transfer – with a price to pay
The upper room is a moment of transfer – with a price to pay
Woman with a issue of blood felt virtue . a moment of transfer..

God has done his job..

When is your moment of transfer to this world!!!

embrace christmas

3 12 2008


embrace community is having its 2nd annual Christmas bash!

2 guest worship groups and 1 solo artist from the local area, shopping spree giveaways, tons of food!

a totally different service for us! some worship mixed with some preaching , a game show, christmas fun, and eating!

our focus this night though is going to be on ” birth rights” and of course we all know that Jesus is the most important part of this holiday, so we will discuss together what rights that we have because of his birth! we are all entitled to alot more than we realize because of the birth of this one man! we have “birth rights”

there are alot of things in life that i have avoided thanks to my birth rights, alot of things I have been blessed with  thanks to my birth rights. and there are things we need to realize we have access to thanks to our birth rights!

cant Wait to hang out with our young adults and have a fun night! there a awesome group!


24 10 2008

a word that when placed in the same sentence with christian seems incompatible.

however it is quite the opposite… we should see these two words together more often. Matthew 11:12 the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force


violent – intense in force, severe, or extreme.

the kingdom of heaven was never meant to indulge the ease of the carnal Christian but has and is meant to be the resting place to them who labor! the book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus will not forgot our labor of love that we show to his name.. but sometimes showing love is a violent task!

yes love is kisses, hugs, and i am all about the i heart revolution but…
love is also conviction, correction, discipline… and self denial

if we dont get violent in our own self denial, and violent towards the enemy.. then 2 things will happen… you live your destiny unfulfilled.. and lost people around us die and go to hell because we refused to get a HOLY violence with the enemy!

Your salvation was a violent task… Remember the cross??
and this generation is in need of Christians that will actually fight for someone else.. and take back souls for the kingdom because everyday babies are murdered, marriages destroyed, poverty rises… enough is enough! Its my Heart that our generation of young adults get VIOLENT for the things of God! be extreme.. reach out.. deny yourself.. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and take by force.

the blood trail

27 09 2008

it was a cold rainy day i was 16 yrs old sitting in a tree stand deer hunting… when my prize came walking towards me a big buck.. or “split toe” right jon….

Bang i shot my muzzleloader smoke clears and the deer is gone..

i thought i did something wrong, i executed everything in what i thought to be the right way, i had my sights on him, i tried not to shake, but i get down and see no deer.. 

i was at a state of confusion.. that deer was my destination.. my prize and i was so confused what happened. i could not find the deer.. and during this state of confusion there was one thing that led me to my destination.. i looked to the ground and there it lied…. the answer to my confusion.. it was a blood trail, and that blood trail solved my confusion and lead me to were i wanted to be.. the deer

sometimes life is like this, you feel like your doing everything right, you have prepared, been diligent and faithful, yet you still dont see the answers that you desire, your destiny is hazy and unclear.. but there are drops of blood in a garden that was left by a man named Jesus..and if i can follow that trail of blood, it leads me to the cross… 

i may not be able to see everything clear right now, i may be confused, but i must always follow the blood trail because at the end of the trail i am lead to my answer! the blood of Jesus brings power, answers, forgiveness, reconciliation, and favor!

he was bleeding love, and he has left a trail for us to follow so that we can find his answers!