12 05 2009

Why would someone say the things they say to you? why would you have events take place in your life that you hate??

I was speaking with a young adult today, and these questions come up. and i believe its questions that this generation is asking alot of..

words spoken to you, and events that happen to you, can become catastrophic if we are not careful. but dont place too much on what man or woman has said to you, because many times what is being said to you is being allowed for a reason…

it becomes a test… will you react or respond.. its a moment of growth.. 

never expect a supernatural feeling, when you count on natural expirences…

side note.. link to new “embrace community video”



7 05 2009

its time to release…

sometimes we go through things in life …. after all its LIFE… Days, weeks, months, or even years later we hold on to memories,  guilt of past decisions, mistakes, and circumstances that had a negative impact on our life.  Or mabye a current situation that makes you nervous, like  holding onto the past because we are afraid to embrace the change of the future..

a key to survival is to release… your not suppose to carry burdens, you were not created to handle man’s opinion, you are not equipped to bare your own mistakes.. nor are you suppose to understand everything about the future

Im so thankful that on the cross Jesus gave me the ability to release what i don’t need!


8 11 2008

perception_front3at embrace community we just finished our annual fall outreach event, this year it was called “perception” it was an incredible night, the most influential night we have ever experienced as a ministry! amazing atmosphere, another level worship like we have never expirenced, altars filled with weeping young adults begging for a chance with Jesus!

walk through an outdoor maze, illusion rooms, into the main gathering place and filled with so many different forms of perception…

the maze had 3 identical doors… only one lead you were you needed to go. and though we perceived the doors as the same, only one door lead us in! Such is life, so many doors of life and so many look the same.. the biggest trick of the enemy is manipulating God’s plan for your life, he cannot create a way because he is not a creator, however he perverts a way God has already created for you and in doing so he desires to change your perception just for a moment to choose his door. even though many doors in life look the same, only one door is “the way” and the only way we can perceive the correct door is through truly spending time with the creator, prayer, worship, teaching, fasting… after-all how can i know the will of the father without spending time with the father? its my desire as a pastor in this generation to spark a hunger to simply want more time with the father, if we can ignite people to desire father son or father daughter time we can save so many heartaches of wrong door choosing..

which door will you choose?

the lack of descions…

15 10 2008

looking over my “to do ” list just now and coupling that with a scripture i read today.. Rev. 3:15 16

man decisions can be tough sometime.. in ministry, or any job that has do to with people, decisions can make or break a situation.  A decision can encourage a positive atmosphere or create a negative atmosphere.

however as a leader  i notice that alot of times a lack of decisions is just as bad as a bad decision. People are looking for you to make decisions that will direct their life in a direction that will enable them for victory.. and these decisions are not always easy, and the easiest thing to do is not make them at all..

but shying away from decisions leaves an uncertain atmosphere; people are willing to follow but they cannot follow something that does not exist.

stand firm, pray, make the descion, and stand on it! People need you to stand firm, and choose right! dont leave people floating…

are you (or i) making descions that leave people floating? putting people down? hurting people? throwing people under the bus??? or just leaving them clueless??


1 10 2008


Desperate – having urgent need or desire; reckless or dangerous because of despair.

everyone and everything is desperate. some are desperate for their careers, others desperate for food, some are desperate for shelter, desperate for money, desperate for recognition.

culture is desperate to get into your lives.. commercials, magazine ads, music, news, etc. they are willing do to anything to grab your attention and buy into what they are offering… sometimes its reckless, but always its desperate, because their well being….. is getting you to buy in…

what is it that I am desperate for? its it to be accepted, to be loved, to be successful??? today its my prayer that i am desperate for Jesus, a desperation that causes me to recklessly seek him! a  undignified, unadulterated, unfiltered, urgent need for God to touch this generation of young adults!

I’m desperate to be a better husband, Pastor, Leader, and friend..We are all desperate for something were is your “desperation on display”

the blood trail

27 09 2008

it was a cold rainy day i was 16 yrs old sitting in a tree stand deer hunting… when my prize came walking towards me a big buck.. or “split toe” right jon….

Bang i shot my muzzleloader smoke clears and the deer is gone..

i thought i did something wrong, i executed everything in what i thought to be the right way, i had my sights on him, i tried not to shake, but i get down and see no deer.. 

i was at a state of confusion.. that deer was my destination.. my desire..my prize and i was so confused what happened. i could not find the deer.. and during this state of confusion there was one thing that led me to my destination.. i looked to the ground and there it lied…. the answer to my confusion.. it was a blood trail, and that blood trail solved my confusion and lead me to were i wanted to be.. the deer

sometimes life is like this, you feel like your doing everything right, you have prepared, been diligent and faithful, yet you still dont see the answers that you desire, your destiny is hazy and unclear.. but there are drops of blood in a garden that was left by a man named Jesus..and if i can follow that trail of blood, it leads me to the cross… 

i may not be able to see everything clear right now, i may be confused, but i must always follow the blood trail because at the end of the trail i am lead to my answer! the blood of Jesus brings power, answers, forgiveness, reconciliation, and favor!

he was bleeding love, and he has left a trail for us to follow so that we can find his answers!

rescue me

1 08 2008

embrace community service was indescribable this week, probably the most influential service we have ever had!

it was incredible to see the lives that were changed forever this past Thursday night!

we have been in the midst of discussing the topic “rescue” what it means, the characteristics of a rescuer, rescued from the law, rescue me from me, and resuscitation.

you guys have asked me to post the notes so here are the last two services!

love you guys and see ya next Thursday!

law-vs-grace         2rescue-12