Real world part 2

29 05 2009

Real questions asked by Real young adults… Thursday June 4th @7pm come watch and see what your peers are asking!


flooded streets

20 05 2009


This may sound a bit crazy but i guess Preachers see sermons in everything..

Its raining here in Ormond Beach non stop for 3 straight days, i looked outside during prayer and saw the puddles and mini lakes building in places were the  ground was unable to keep in and  hold the water, all the run offs, and trenches caused by too much water way too fast..

I wondered what had flooded my life to this point. What have i had so much of, that evidence of it pours out everywhere? when i leave places or people what puddles  are left behind.

I keep praying as a Leader my flood stays  positive and holy, because as leaders what your flooded with spills onto the ones you lead..


16 05 2009

Sometimes we all need some stuff weeded out of our lives in order for us to have an expirence with God.

Just like a flower bed, weeds can pop up anywere in our lives.. They are unattractive, they take over, and they can pop up unexpectedly.. But they need pulling!

Mabye your weed is doubt, fear, insecurity, sin… Whatever it is.. It can be painful but we must be weeded out before the expirence..

Gideon had the weak And ignorant weeded out in his life… 22,000 men in his army and God weeded all the way down to 300…their enemy had 135,000

Seems unfair, undermatched, underqualifed.. And probably few believed in him… But they expirenced God do a miraculous event! But only after they were weeded out!

134,000 defeated by 300 waiting on the expirence… If it takes being uncomfortable to be weeded, I’ll take it as long as I get the expirence of the miracle


28 04 2009

Trust is something that we are born with then loose as we see events take place, or experience tragic moments.  Trust throughout life is something that we must learn. It is a quality that God gave us, yet a quality that man has attempted to strip away.  After all why would we trust someone who has let us down so much.. hurt us, manipulated us, let us down??

Man did not Give you trust do not allow man to take your trust.  i know its easier said than done, but man will always fail you and even the people you trust the most will let you down. That is why when you place your trust and confidence in God no matter what happens in life you will understand people are people and we make mistakes.

but God is still worthy of your trust he is still worthy of your confidence… you cannot allow what man has done or past circumstances has brought effect your level of trust towards God.. Let us try to put all our trust and confidence back in him once again… and i believe our view of circumstances just might change…

this is a small portion of what God has laid on my heart for the next couple Thursdays.. “Questions about Trust” this Thursday 7pm