took some time away…

27 05 2009

past couple days i took a mini vacation with my wife to Orlando… We needed to get away and spend some time together.. man its hard to unwind in 2 1/2 days but I’m so thankful for that time that we had..

heard something while i was gone that made me think on the radio in a country song of all places… “Live your life don’t let your life live you”

Myself included we can all learn this one… there are times (im guilty) were we allow the events in our life dictate who we are instead of letting who we are dictate the events in our life..

we have the power to influence our future.. you will never have more.. go further.. or accomplish greater than your current thought life… think big.. that’s why God says you need a sound mind!



7 05 2009

its time to release…

sometimes we go through things in life …. after all its LIFE… Days, weeks, months, or even years later we hold on to memories,  guilt of past decisions, mistakes, and circumstances that had a negative impact on our life.  Or mabye a current situation that makes you nervous, like  holding onto the past because we are afraid to embrace the change of the future..

a key to survival is to release… your not suppose to carry burdens, you were not created to handle man’s opinion, you are not equipped to bare your own mistakes.. nor are you suppose to understand everything about the future

Im so thankful that on the cross Jesus gave me the ability to release what i don’t need!

Real world

3 05 2009

“Real World” a special event coming to embrace community may 28th 7pm!

A real world presents real probelms in need of real solutions!

This is going to be a fun event to kick off the summer! Pass the word!

Special acting surprises will be present!! Get ready!

Moving on

28 04 2009

My wife and I had dinner tonight with 1 of our 2 graduates that are moving on to new seasons of their life..

Kelly has been with us at embrace for almost 3 years. She has been with us since the birth of this ministry and has played suched a vital role in our success.

Kelly is a graduate from Embry Riddle University.. We have seen Kelly grow into such an amazing woman, who truly has a pure heart after God. In the next 3 months Kelly will be graduating, getting married, and then soon on to graduate school.

Kelly has been really close to our heart and we wish and pray for huge things in her life and marriage! We love you Kelly and are sooo proud of you!!

weekend recap

21 04 2008

Friday – got to speak at ATC to the college students at their last devotion friday! stopped by the wow conference to hear Beth Stephens preach!  had a great time today!

Saturday – Bethune Cookman University Graduation, A bunch of Graduation parties, then had the privaledge to preach at Embry Riddle university at their last service of the year! Great Great time with these students!

Sunday – At Calvary Christian Center we had a guest speaker Rita Twiggs, she was really amazing!

its really exciting to see what God is doing in our College Students at Calvary! one week left with them.. I am ready for august to be here already! I miss those students when they are gone!!

summer is around the corner and in young adult ministry its all about young professionals and returning colleges students! ITs going to be fun!