8 days and counting

20 05 2009

a “embrace community” young adult event starting may 28th…



16 05 2009

Sometimes we all need some stuff weeded out of our lives in order for us to have an expirence with God.

Just like a flower bed, weeds can pop up anywere in our lives.. They are unattractive, they take over, and they can pop up unexpectedly.. But they need pulling!

Mabye your weed is doubt, fear, insecurity, sin… Whatever it is.. It can be painful but we must be weeded out before the expirence..

Gideon had the weak And ignorant weeded out in his life… 22,000 men in his army and God weeded all the way down to 300…their enemy had 135,000

Seems unfair, undermatched, underqualifed.. And probably few believed in him… But they expirenced God do a miraculous event! But only after they were weeded out!

134,000 defeated by 300 waiting on the expirence… If it takes being uncomfortable to be weeded, I’ll take it as long as I get the expirence of the miracle


12 05 2009

Why would someone say the things they say to you? why would you have events take place in your life that you hate??

I was speaking with a young adult today, and these questions come up. and i believe its questions that this generation is asking alot of..

words spoken to you, and events that happen to you, can become catastrophic if we are not careful. but dont place too much on what man or woman has said to you, because many times what is being said to you is being allowed for a reason…

it becomes a test… will you react or respond.. its a moment of growth.. 

never expect a supernatural feeling, when you count on natural expirences…

side note.. link to new “embrace community video”

8 05 2009

Embrace new video check it out!!! a embrace community expirence night! 7pm may 28th! food, giveaways, live worship.. much more!


7 05 2009

its time to release…

sometimes we go through things in life …. after all its LIFE… Days, weeks, months, or even years later we hold on to memories,  guilt of past decisions, mistakes, and circumstances that had a negative impact on our life.  Or mabye a current situation that makes you nervous, like  holding onto the past because we are afraid to embrace the change of the future..

a key to survival is to release… your not suppose to carry burdens, you were not created to handle man’s opinion, you are not equipped to bare your own mistakes.. nor are you suppose to understand everything about the future

Im so thankful that on the cross Jesus gave me the ability to release what i don’t need!

real people have real probelms…

5 05 2009


May 28th is a event i am personally extremely excited about..

when i look throughout the young adult generation i see real people with real problems.. we can identify that there is a problem to this generation all day long but..

when a problem is identified without a real solution, the problem becomes a lifestyle and we loose the person with the problem!

3 weeks 2 days and counting… get ready….to kick off the summer “real world” at embrace community…

Real world

3 05 2009

“Real World” a special event coming to embrace community may 28th 7pm!

A real world presents real probelms in need of real solutions!

This is going to be a fun event to kick off the summer! Pass the word!

Special acting surprises will be present!! Get ready!