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27 03 2009

can you pleae give me some information on the dorothy menzies child care orphanage i met a young boy thre while we were on vacation my heart broke i want to give him a life in new york I cll every day but they neve sent me the paper wrk help me pleaes

7 04 2009
Monique Martinez

To Pastor Dunn, and the Embrace staff. I was very moved by your presentation on Sunday March 29th concerning passing on the Lords love and teachings to the next generation. I believe as you do that it is crucial for their souls and for the survival of the church for generations to come. I am not sure if you would be interested but I felt I should bring to your attention a powerful spoken word poet who the young people might relate to. He calls himself the “Mad Poet”. His name is LeAndrew Albert. And his poetry and the performance is awesome and something that. I am sure young adults would enjoy and relate to. I am sending you a link of one of his poems and
you can judge whether or not he would be someone you might want to perform at a service or convention or the like. . If you are interested in having him perform, please email me Monique Martinez at . My contribution would be to get him here from Illinois. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for passing on GOD’S word to the young people

28 04 2009
Linda Lloyd

Hi Jeremy 🙂

Thank you so very much for your warm hearts and sharing your beautiful home this past weekend ! My time with you and Brownie’s precious family was a BIG blessing. As I told Missy, if I were a cat with nine lives — one of them would be living in your neighborhood and being at your church for every event !
It is wonderful to experience that God is using you in powerful ways. May HIS blessings be upon you and your family in all ways.

Please give my best to Missy — and of course Harley and Chloe 🙂

oxoxoxo Linda

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