7 05 2009

its time to release…

sometimes we go through things in life …. after all its LIFE… Days, weeks, months, or even years later we hold on to memories,  guilt of past decisions, mistakes, and circumstances that had a negative impact on our life.  Or mabye a current situation that makes you nervous, like  holding onto the past because we are afraid to embrace the change of the future..

a key to survival is to release… your not suppose to carry burdens, you were not created to handle man’s opinion, you are not equipped to bare your own mistakes.. nor are you suppose to understand everything about the future

Im so thankful that on the cross Jesus gave me the ability to release what i don’t need!


real people have real probelms…

5 05 2009


May 28th is a event i am personally extremely excited about..

when i look throughout the young adult generation i see real people with real problems.. we can identify that there is a problem to this generation all day long but..

when a problem is identified without a real solution, the problem becomes a lifestyle and we loose the person with the problem!

3 weeks 2 days and counting… get ready….to kick off the summer “real world” at embrace community…


27 02 2008


Prov 29:25

25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare,
but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real 

There is no greater trap of the enemy than the trap of trying to please people. People pleasing is always birthed out of a fear of the thought process another peer has towards you…

Fear of man leaves you trapped in a world were you are constantly discovering the destiny of everyone around you, while forgetting your own.

People die everyday and never realize their life was lived under the parameters of fleshly carnal people, never living or feeling the abundance of their own destiny!

chase destiny just make sure its yours… be bold… God has set you apart for a reason!

this is a lesson I write to myself as much as anyone… an impossible task to accomplish by yourself but with help of the holy spirit you can  be guided into “your own”

(all young adults embrace community Final love affairs service 7pm in cafe…notes will be blogged on friday)

snapshots of the savior 2

24 02 2008


Important to those that speak in the lives of people… and those who need it… 

Jesus 100% God 100% man.

Reading today in the book of Matthew Jesus was baptized and then immediately in chapter two was lead into the wilderness to have his flesh man tempted by the devil.

The common christian has a constant thought process that completely focuses on Jesus 100% God and all the variables that surround his Deity, and lack the picture of his humanity.  When this is the only snapshots we have of Jesus we can find ourselves in circumstances that limit our understanding of Jesus for his entirety, doing injustice to who he is in our lives.

Jesus was also 100% man which means he understands the struggles of your flesh! he knows what it means to be frustrated, the be hurt, to be angry, to feel betrayed, lonely, rejected.. etc.

yes Jesus is the one who is a supernatural healer, but he is also the Jesus who knows what it is to live in a world filled with temptation! and just as he can heal your sick body he can also relate to the struggles of your carnal nature. 

so don’t be afraid to seek after him even in the smallest things because Jesus is the relater… and can meet you right were you are..

add another picture to your album…


16 02 2008

Just got home from seeing this movie “Jumper” with my wife… a little overrated!

a guy that can go anywhere at the concentration of a thought…can you imagine being able to go anywhere at anytime!! CRAZY!

Kinda got me thinking a little bit about how God is with us! no matter were you are he is there… so i guess he is a jumper!  or THE jumper!

Jesus is so amazing and so good that in my darkest moments, and most successful moments.. he is there with me…

we are never alone….

all that said to say this…i recently had to speak at a funeral of a woman I visited at the hospital she had a disease called Lupus.. her flesh was eating away and her brain was bleeding… to make a long story short she blessed me so much! she made one comment…

on her death bed, she had tears in her eyes and said.. “even when all of you leave me at night, i am never alone…Jesus is in here and he told me that what I am going through is not punishment.. Jesus says he is allowing me to go through this to help someone else, you will see one day ill come into church and you wont even recognize me i will have to introduce myself again because ill be healed”

WOW!!! if no one else…. this rocked my world! and she is right when I see her again IT will be at a service and.. she will be healed!

think about how much I complain about stupid stuff.. This woman on her death bed, changed my views on alot of things in life… she was a blessing to me in a huge way! and she never complained because…

The Jumper was with her!

Love Affairs part 2

15 02 2008


tonight was amazing, between  fighting people through NASCAR traffic (which is insane) some of which never made it in time….and the holiday of Valentines day, the night all and all ended up being a huge success for us!

We gave people at our last service an opportunity to anonymously ask questions in regards to Love, Marriage, Sex, relationships etc. and this week at service we had a panel made up of 2 married couples and 3 singles! Straight up had a talk show right in church! (if you know me this was a pretty big deal)

I was a little nervous about it, but God truly came through as always and we had a great time!

The panel of people did great, and young adults got their questions answered! Questions ranged from……

“is masturbation a sin inside or outside of marriage” “What is the difference between attraction and lust” “can my virginity be restored” and many more!

Being a young adult pastor is so much fun, alot of liberty, and opportunities to be extremely mature..

some asked if I was ashamed of this…. of course not the world talks to this generation about sex and relationships… why not the church?

here are the notes below if you are interested!

“Love Affairs” part 2

to dream is to change..

7 09 2007

at embrace we had a service tonight and it was amazing! The building was filled with young adults hungry for God to move! Its amazing how God continues to bring young adults together from all over this community that are ready to do something significant for Christ..

Tonight we talked about “your dream season”

the bible says a dream comes through much activity.. activity is to shift move and change. so to dream is to change.

we talked about how we need to change our mind and change our actions in order to achieve the dreams God has given us!

Mind: change your thought life focus on winning instead of loosing, focus on promise and purpose instead of insecurity and pride!

Actions: live right, stop talking bad about people when you know you should keep your mouth shut.. love on people encourage them, correct them in loving ways! believe in people! we have to quit bashing people in the body of christ just for our own good!

if we dont change these things we may never achieve our God Given dreams!

alot of tonight was as much for me as anybody for instance this pharse spoke to me the most.. time to dream… time to change… Lord help me with this!

My prayer is Lord help me see people with the eyes that you have, and love them the way you do so that you can use me to encourage someone else’s dream not kill it!