28 04 2009

Trust is something that we are born with then loose as we see events take place, or experience tragic moments.  Trust throughout life is something that we must learn. It is a quality that God gave us, yet a quality that man has attempted to strip away.  After all why would we trust someone who has let us down so much.. hurt us, manipulated us, let us down??

Man did not Give you trust do not allow man to take your trust.  i know its easier said than done, but man will always fail you and even the people you trust the most will let you down. That is why when you place your trust and confidence in God no matter what happens in life you will understand people are people and we make mistakes.

but God is still worthy of your trust he is still worthy of your confidence… you cannot allow what man has done or past circumstances has brought effect your level of trust towards God.. Let us try to put all our trust and confidence back in him once again… and i believe our view of circumstances just might change…

this is a small portion of what God has laid on my heart for the next couple Thursdays.. “Questions about Trust” this Thursday 7pm




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