8 11 2008

perception_front3at embrace community we just finished our annual fall outreach event, this year it was called “perception” it was an incredible night, the most influential night we have ever experienced as a ministry! amazing atmosphere, another level worship like we have never expirenced, altars filled with weeping young adults begging for a chance with Jesus!

walk through an outdoor maze, illusion rooms, into the main gathering place and filled with so many different forms of perception…

the maze had 3 identical doors… only one lead you were you needed to go. and though we perceived the doors as the same, only one door lead us in! Such is life, so many doors of life and so many look the same.. the biggest trick of the enemy is manipulating God’s plan for your life, he cannot create a way because he is not a creator, however he perverts a way God has already created for you and in doing so he desires to change your perception just for a moment to choose his door. even though many doors in life look the same, only one door is “the way” and the only way we can perceive the correct door is through truly spending time with the creator, prayer, worship, teaching, fasting… after-all how can i know the will of the father without spending time with the father? its my desire as a pastor in this generation to spark a hunger to simply want more time with the father, if we can ignite people to desire father son or father daughter time we can save so many heartaches of wrong door choosing..

which door will you choose?




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