Calvary college days!

18 10 2008

tonight was a great night.. long day just got home from a night at Embry Riddle University!

we (my church Calvary Christian Center) had a great time getting to be apart of Christian Fellowship Club’s 30th year anniversary bash!

 Hype did some dancing, Pastor Mark and the praize generation band did some incredible worship, and I got the privilege to speak! 

it was so great seeing the response at the end of  service.. sometimes your not sure if your hitting home with the students, wondering … and then to see all the students that raise their hands to engage in a closer relationship with God, and all the students that needed prayer… after all this it was so worth it!

man i love helping people! its my passion! its so incredible and such a privilege to be used all over the community to touch the young adult generation! 

I love seeing Calvary all over the place touching lives! God has truly blessed us! 

special thanks for your time and heart… Pastor Mark, Barbra, Leanna, Stacey, Courtney, Jon, Matt, Tim, Marvin and the hype crew!




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