1 10 2008


Desperate – having urgent need or desire; reckless or dangerous because of despair.

everyone and everything is desperate. some are desperate for their careers, others desperate for food, some are desperate for shelter, desperate for money, desperate for recognition.

culture is desperate to get into your lives.. commercials, magazine ads, music, news, etc. they are willing do to anything to grab your attention and buy into what they are offering… sometimes its reckless, but always its desperate, because their well being….. is getting you to buy in…

what is it that I am desperate for? its it to be accepted, to be loved, to be successful??? today its my prayer that i am desperate for Jesus, a desperation that causes me to recklessly seek him! a  undignified, unadulterated, unfiltered, urgent need for God to touch this generation of young adults!

I’m desperate to be a better husband, Pastor, Leader, and friend..We are all desperate for something were is your “desperation on display”




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