(pre) fix

25 04 2008

we at embrace had a service tonight and started our new series (pre)fix! our last service with the college students for the summer! they will be absent from embrace until august! ready to have them back already! we had a celebration tonight for graduates, and welcoming in the summer!

tonight was amazing service, good crowd alot of visitors, and people who were really touched..

(pre)fix part one tonight we discussed “preparation before promise”

we studied through the life of moses and his seasons of preparation all the way up to the day of passover.

Preparation is not always fun but always necessary

preparation is not always easily figured out but always has a purpose

preparation can be frustrating but always rewarding

our seasons of preparation can be tiring, frustrating, confusing, and painful.. but just like moses he meet his divine purpose at a burning bush.. after 80 years of preparation finally he meets his moment in time were he is called to his purpose. on the day of passover the children of Israel were instructed to (make a long story short) eat with your sandals on and your staff in your hand…

God told his children I am bringing you out… just make sure your ready when i call.. have you shoes on (shoes represent movement) and your staff in your hand (represents direction and protection)

are you ready when he calls you into your purpose? after preparation are your sandals on your feet ready to “rise and go” or are your sandals still sitting by the door?

what are your sandals? more prayer time, more worship, more study time, release of bitterness, forgiveness? etc… whatever it is.. get your sandals on and be ready for your time!

notes on service (pre) fix part 1 “Are you Ready”




2 responses

29 04 2008

Great blog about your service! Wish I was there. I love the cool title of your series, too–dude, great job. And, I can tell you delivered God’s Word in a way young adults need.

3 05 2008

Pastor I can tell your on it like blue bonet. (old saying sorry) Reading this blog blessed me so I can only imagine who the young adults there were blessed. Your a great preacher/teacher. Keep it going.

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