love is the missing link!

11 04 2008

over the past month at embrace we have expirenced truly amazing growth at embrace.. growth with more consitant people than ever… but more importantly growth IN people. we have been doing this study called “linked” we have been discussing the things in life Jesus linked to and how it applies to our everyday walk.

tonight was love.. True love has been the missing link in not only society but in churches (in general)

Jesus is crying out for us to just truly be intimate with him and fall in love with the things he is in love with.. but in order for us to know his heart we must be linked with love..

love is intimacy and we truly understand the heart of God when we become intimate with him!

Love is the foundation of every relationship, every marriage.


Love requires commitment.


Love will defeat the enemy and give you victory in every circumstance.


Love is passion

Love is intimacy


Love has been the foundation of our salvation.


Love in its greatest moment has linked us to eternity..

love is .. intimacy.. and intimacy is more than physical touch .. intimacy requires time, listening, and blind faith.

Check out notes on LOVE service to see more




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22 04 2008
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[…] let speak into my life, and very few people i’ll have an intimate (not like that… see jeremy’s blog on intimacy) relationship […]

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