7 03 2008

been doing some studying lately in the bible and reading another book that I was given a long time ago and for some odd reason just getting around to reading it!

 PROCRASTINATION….. this word is a habit that has or is haunting everyone in our society… especially with you young adults!!

reading Luke 9 today and I can see the image of Jesus  talking to a few men encouraging them to follow him and his ways. knowing already the outcome of his question, how his heart must have felt already knowing they would make an excuse to give into a Kingdom way of life!

one man says I must go back and bury my father.. Jesus says let the dead bury the dead and follow the kingdom of God! as you study this scripture out many scholars and theologians say this man’s father was not even sick.  he was essentially saying let me go back home and when everything I am comfortable with back home goes bad then Ill come follow you.

the nerve that we have sometime thinking we can put off our destiny for the ordinary life of natural man seeking out his comfort zone!  The fact of the matter is most times we act exactly how this man did, in our humanity we put off the will of God so much, leaving our lives with unfulfilled commitments and famine for blessing.

you fulfilling your destiny is only a matter of saying NOW! and stop putting off God’s will! take the risk, take the challenge, avoid fear, and learn from failure… but don’t procrastinate.. you cheat yourself!!

we can alllllll take a huge lessons on why not to procrastinate!




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10 03 2008

A well-written post. agree with you about the need to stop procrastination. I’ve found help at and that website has a variety of ways to stop procrastination.

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