Dream… chance or choice?

20 02 2008

Had a great talk with my brother recently in regards to one of my old post..”to dream is to change”

This was the comment we came across “Dream is not a matter of chance…. its a matter of choice”

Then tonight talked to my buddy Greg Manuel from “the community” and he is reading a Smith Wigglesworth book of his sermons. He brought up a quote that Smith preached… he was saying that God is saying to us..”if you will…I will”

Your dreams and or your destiny,  is not a matter of chance,  because God is the author of your destiny and chance is not apart of his kingdom business in your life.

Chance – probability, luck, or fortune (chance is what you get from a false weirdo fortune teller.. )

“Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for Righteousness for they shall be filled” Mtt. 5:6

“shall be filled” (in the greek) -To fill or satisfy.. to fatten

so my choice to hunger and thirst sends an automatic pulse to the heavens and that is when God says “you have so I will” because God is not man that he should lie… so the promise he made to satisfy us still stands today!

your dream and destiny coming to past is not a matter of chance.. its a matter of you making a choice to be hungry and thirsty for the things of God and He will see that your destiny and dreams come to past!

Want to make a difference… want to see your destiny come to past…

Make the choice…  get hungry!




2 responses

20 02 2008

that was off the CHAIN! Incredible insight, and revelation! Keep em coming “TANK”! LOVED IT!!!!

23 02 2008

I don’t know if it was the fast or the profound word you wrote but it made me hungry. You still and will forever encourage me to go deeper in God’s word. Your passion for knowledge and huger to share it is remarkable to me. Peace out…

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