dream or die..

5 09 2007

I was thinking today about people with no vision, no dreams, people sucked into a world of a 9-5, pay bills, eat dinner, go to bed, kind of life.

people who wake up one day wondering why do I exist and not live. Realizing that you are just existing is realizing you are breathing with no vision, no dreams.

how can one be a influencer with no vision, how can you achieve anything with no dreams? we cant.

but one day a door opens and we are all faced with a descision dream or die..

seasons are shifting and the time is now… but the question is not will the new time or new season present itself, the question is will we step outside our regular everyday world to meet God in a supernatural, Dream achieving, vision casting season!

were life is full of surprises, full of Joy, full of LIFE! With no vision a man will perish. Its time for us to live.

I am praying that God give young adults in our community a vision of purpose and dreams of greatness. everyone has been here before.. asking whats my purpose what am i called to do.. begin praying for a clear vision, and fasting for Godly dreams!

Encouragment can be found when you know why you live… and who you live for… time to dream…




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