addiction to the past…

29 08 2007

 breaking your old habits;

1) confidence – knowing that you have the ability to change is probably the most important, I have always found for me that I am always hitting on full cylinders when I am confident. and  the mask dosent count… trust me I wore it.

2) preperation –  preparing for your new place get ready, be prepared when change arrives! my pastor says  when things arrive suddenly dont react…. respond. reacting is a ill advised action that was not thought out… a response has been thought out and is prepared.  Therefore when your walking in preperation, you are allowing God to constantly respnd through you.

3) change – the big one is accept change. not just changing an outfit or a new style, but serious life transforming change.  When God calls you to move, and you are confident, and prepared, change can transform your life! listening to the voice of God and acting is change. You will never know what will happen in your life when you embrace change.

dreams are achieved by action because action is movement and movement is change….




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