mind games..

20 08 2007

mind games….. so my wife is gone out of town, I am alone at the house and my mind begins to rumble…

thoughts… young adult ministry this fall, how can we excell and go beyond last fall?? how can I make my life better? how can I be a better husband? why is it a fight to read my bible everyday?(i know a pastor should not admit this but… one that tells you he hasnt had this struggle is a lieing pastor so… which is worse you choose)

can i live up to the dreams God has given me? AHHHHHHH mind games are nuts…

2 timothy 1:7 for god has not given us the spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind

guarding your mind is important so important that mind games played on you can cause fear and frustration

try to clear your mind today, forget the worries, the fears, the inadequecies, the past, and start dreaming!

No matter what mind games the enemy tries to bogg me down with, the lord reassured me tonight he created us to achieve, conquer, fight, and win!! that is why he gave us power love and a sound mind!

God’s lesson for me tonight…..refoucus on  your God given destiny and be the dreamer you were created to be!  hope it encourages someone…




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