our wedding…

7 08 2007

Finnally got married!!! on friday august 3rd to Missy and it was more than I could have ever asked!

between all of our friends Steve, Jackie, Jon, Kirsten, and even the help from pastor troy in showing us how to do the twist!!??? who does that anymore?? wow that was funny!

I was standing there waiting with Pastor Raley (who did a phenomenal job by the way!) and here she came, I cant describe the feeling I felt she was beautiful! Such a once in a lifetime feeling I felt that moment!

Then the reception was awesome, food was great, and everything to follow! A Godly marraige, the long distance relationship has finnaly paid off, I am a married man sitting in Maui, Hawaii on my honeymoon! Thanks again to Moms and Pops from both sides of the family, could not have done it without ya!

more to come from Hawaii with pics.. now this place is unbeliveable!!
marriage is a great thing!




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7 08 2007

Definitely a wonderful wedding! A moment to be remembered. You guys are amazing and I am very excited for you all!

Peace and Blessings!


2 05 2008

Hello, I have never done this before but I need some advice. I am the fiance of an Iraqi war verteran. He has been home for 2 years now. Our wedding would be 5 months away. However, he was issued an order warning for possible deployment to Iraq. We have had to cancel everything. It looks as if they are 99.9% sure that he will be leaving most likely before the start of the summer. My question is……should we move up the wedding and get married before his deployment. He is my world and deployed or not deployed I want to be with him for forever. I need some advice….thank you so much for your time. God bless all of those in our military and their families…my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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