dog pound..

24 07 2007


Michael Vick, what a joke. I am a big Atlanta Falcons fan, and this is embarassing.  What in the world is this cat thinking. First is the water bottle, then its the STD’s, now this!!  Electricuting dogs, slamming them to the ground, hanging them….

 See everyone is quick to judge him, and I am the first to say if he has ANY involvment, put him down. Matter of fact I wish he was off our team PERIOD (besides being trouble he is the most over rated QB in the NFL) , however….

These kind of actions and lifestyle is far deeper than just a bad desicion.  Its honestly a spiritual attack on this man’s life.  He is on such a stage of influence, and the devil is determined to not have this man be positive. Granted he is given free choice and is man enough to make his own decisions.

But his choices left him up a creek.  So its people like this that need good christian influence in their life, while media trashes him, we should be praying for him.  Hard to do, but we must because believe it or not, as long as he turns, he still is not outside grace..

so judge as you want to be judge, and forgive as you would want to be forgiven…

i still want him off our team though!




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