anxious… and life saving!

18 07 2007

So I am nearly two weeks away from getting married, and it couldnt feel any slower coming!!  My fiance is studying to have her masters as a NP and will have a specialty in pediactrics.

Here is a very cool thing about our relationship I realized….

 I tend to be dominant – she tends to be passive

I talk less – She talks more

I shop rarely – She shops constantly

I like physical touch and words of affirmation – she likes gifts and acts of service

we are both so different its crazy.. but in all those things that are different we have three things in common that are the best!

1.) we love God

2.) we love each other

3.) I just realized this the other day, we are both aiding in helping save peoples lives EVERYDAY!! only her Job is allowing God using her to do physical things for sick people, my job is allowing God to use me to deal with spiritual sickness!

mabye this blog is boring for you, but its what is on my mind… A WOMAN!! must be some kind of something you catch right before the wedding. or mabye its just because we as husband and wife will be the only ones…. nevermind I am just ready!! Alot of precious things in marrige that I cant wait to expirence!




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