orphanage in Belize..

16 07 2007

So I was talking with a ministry buddy of mine, GREG, who is begining with his father to do some ministry work in belize. Although a place of poverty it is such a beautiful place. 

well prostitution is legal in Belize, and there is this orphanage they are helping support that takes in kids off the street.  Most of these kids’ mothers sad to say are prostitutes.  This orphanage picks them up takes them into the school to shower,  they also give them a uniform everyday, and a free education. Teaching them english, other subjects and most importantly teaching them about Jesus.  These kids come in dirty with a complete lack of care or attention given to them.

sad thing is they have to send them back to their homes on the street everyday. and the next morning its back at it again.  He began to share this with me, and my heart just cried out for these kids.  then my heart broke even more, when he said the kids could not keep the uniforms. I procceded to ask him why… he said because the mothers will steal the uniforms off of the kids, and sell them.

wow, my heart is moved to help in some way. I am praying how I can be of help to them.  I have not stopped thinking about this since we spoke.  Hurting, suffering, and lost this orphanage is trying to show these kids how much they really do matter, and that someone really does love them.

pretty amazing what goes on in this world when we get outside our white picket fence American  lives!  please pray for the children in the world, that generation needs us to reach out and help!




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7 11 2007

I have worked with children in Belize. The story you tell is not unfamiliar there. In the villages I worked in kids who go to school most often don’t make it past an eighth grade level becuase it is so expensive to them to go to High School. The organization that I went with( and hope to return) is called Cornelius Foundation International(CFI)and they are trying to change some of these situations. Many prayers are needed for the whole country. Thanks for being aware and I hope God shows you how He wants you to move.

3 05 2008

wow god has given me some many avenues and blessings in this life to help others that can not help themselves but would if they had the oppurtunity. well this summer i will be visiting orangewalk, belize and would like to visit an orphanage while there i will only be staying one week which will be the last week in june from around the 22 til the 29th of june i also need to visit the mayans so do give any info u may have pertaining to the orphanage i myself am a licensed vocational psychiatric nurse and live in losangeles california i have 3 beautiful belizian daughters american born father from dangriga,belize coming too swim and relax and eat more punatas as we do here in los angeles, i call this place here south central belize, i want to see where my children originate from so they may know where they are going in life.

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