14 07 2007

I have been noticing that this no longer means what it use to TGIF formally known as (thank God its friday) as apparently now been changed to (thank goodness its friday). WHY?

seems that God is being taken out of everything, because God makes people uncomoftable, it offends people. I guess I am going to let out a little frustration, this is INSANE!  It offends people because of one powerful word… conviction.

 ever notice when your not living right, God is like the last word you want to hear! but shouldnt that be the first thing we want to hear? there use to be a reverence for God even in the people that were not follwing him. but now we treat God like another fad, another cool t-shirt, a new purse, or cool fashion.

I dislike this so much, culture, and the media  talks so much about get out of the box, out of your comfort zone, do the next big thing…. but the moment God is brought up we say NO! But God is the only Big thing, all of our athletes, actors, singer, and creative people have all been given a gift… and surprise!!! it comes from God! 

how do we get God back into culture??  By creating culture!

 this week share Jesus with someone, anyone. You dont need a pulpit or a microphone or a stage to talk about Jesus.. Actually in reality it should happen more in society.. at wal-mart, the grocery store, gas station, mall, etc.

i mean after all if we dont stand up then who would want to be apart of a movement that is so weak? be strong corageous and daring!




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