Christian performance…

11 07 2007

Preaching at Calvary Christian Center tomorrow, and I am so excited and nervous all at once.  This is a pretty big deal for me, and i take it pretty seriously.  Preaching on…”were is the greatness within”

So I was watching this movie last night. And God was so real to me last night in a way like i havent felt in a long time..

In this movie an actor pulls the plug on two peoples life support machines, in the hospital (to make a long story short) and the movie ended. then it hit me.  I stood up to brush my teeth and I looked in the mirror, and I felt the Holy Spirit say do you really want to know what it takes to be Great, so of course I said yes..

And the Lord spoke to me as clear as he could outside of an audible voice… and said “greatness is realizing that your life is not your own, your nothing but a vessel.” mabye not extremely deep or profound but i realized just as this man had in his hands the plug that controled the lives of these two patients on life support, God is looking for willing people to say my life is not mine God, its in your hands.

that is greatness, when you stop caring what everyone else thinks, stop trying to perform, stop trying to be something your not, just be real and let God work in you!  As for you, the reader, remember that greatness is not enhancing your christian performance,   greatness is allowing God to be real and authentic through you.

Dont give into the hype of a performance, just be yourself, swing for the fence, and let God work out the rest. Dont be afraid of failing, go for it! Be real Be you and let God be God!




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